Mad Cowtown

Episode 2: Letter to Mom

Well, Mom,

Searching for you…or what happened to you…is the only thing to keep me sane anymore. You know I’ve always hated commotion. If someone upwoods got drunk or came messing around the house, you aim a rifle at ‘em, or you threaten to knock their head off, and the trouble’s over. It seems like things aren’t so simple anymore. And my hair has red streaks in it. I look like I got left out in the rain and got rusty.

I thought maybe it would just be the thing at the theater…that I could do what the Summer Lady told me to and be quiet for a bit. But that ended in a fire and Ashlynn acted like the spoiled teenager she is and rushed off without me. I wish I would stop being ordered to protect her. She could do with taking care of herself for a change. And it’s her fault my hair is red…striped like a red-tailed skunk. Or a kemosabi…or whatever she called her stupid fake spirit animal. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.

They’re all crazy, Mom. Even at Walmart where I went to cool down for a bit. To be with normal people. But no one seems that way anymore. And I found a pixie eating my sandwich. Blap or something. He…or I guess it claimed to be a she…was scared of someone taking females. Especially changelings and the sort. So I knew I had better head back to the house. The Indian is still running good, by the way. I think Dad would be happy about that.

Ashlynn was heading off to be with “friends” and wouldn’t let me come along unless she could dress me and put gunk on my face. I did it. I insisted on wearing my jacket though. And I put a big knife in my pocket. But it wasn’t enough when the time came. Her “friends” were some loony-bin patients who believed they were part story-characters and things. Ashlynn pretended to be one of them. She’s probably half-insane herself. And there was only one other person with any sense. A student named Danielle who can turn into a huge beast….about 10 times bigger than our old dog.

Some other people joined the party however. I guess “people” is a kind of a loose term here. They smelled like spoiled milk and they had these creepy smiles that never left their faces. I tried to get Ashlynn out of there, but she said—and it seemed strange for her to care—that we couldn’t leave the other crazies. And so we stayed. I’m guess I glad we did. I’d hate for more people to…you know… on my account. It was like punching a trampoline and water balloon together, hitting them. It was the creepiest thing and I still can’t seem to shake this smell of milk on me. Blap, of course, proved to be no help at all. I ended up using Dad’s boots and shaking the ground with them. A spell thing that the Summer Court gave me. (I don’t know that you’d like the Summer Court, Mom, but what am I supposed to do?) I may have hit the ground a little too powerfully…

Some huge horse came trampling in with a wizard on its back. The wizard seemed like a good horseman. He didn’t even use his hands to guide the animal and there was no saddle or bridle. They took down a few of the milk-men. I think it was the same horse that showed up at the theater randomly. And Danielle beast-ed out. And even Ashlynn did her part with this strange vine-strangling thing she does. (I think someone told me spells reflect the character of the caster). There was also a vampire there that I know. He seems alright, but can you trust ’em? And some woman who ran up right after him…a woman who really likes books. And can apparently cast fire spells.

And so we took care of them. The big white trucks they came in peeled off. And that, I guess, is what a normal night is going to look like from now on. What can you expect from a place where you can’t even see the stars? And the corn’s cement. And the possums are actually also a lot like men.

I’m tired. But I wanted to write this stuff down and close it into the notebook you gave me. I can’t help thinking that you might still read it somehow.


Episode 1: Evil Acts: E-mail from Frank to his Uncle Elliot

From: Frank Schoedinger <>
To: Elliot Schoedinger <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 23:12:00 -0500
Subject: Prospero


I regret to inform you that Prospero is dead. Though Danielle and I tried to keep the situation under control, events at the theater escalated beyond anything we were prepared to face. Hopefully, by outlining the events of the evening, I can help you better understand the circumstances leading up to your friend’s untimely passing.

Shortly after the dress rehearsal ended that afternoon, Prospero made a very candid speech to the audience in which he expressed his intent to shed his wizardly power in favor of a mortal life. I later approached him privately and pressed him for more information. Prospero confided to me that he wanted to use his power to create a safe haven for actors within the theater, though he was hesitant to reveal more. He assured me that no one would be harmed as a result of the ritual; I felt he was being genuine, so I left it go at that and resolved to keep an eye on the situation.

During the actual performance, though, things took a turn for the worse. Something went horribly awry with the ritual, and the character of Sycorax appeared before our eyes. Now, allow me to clarify: I do not mean an actress playing the role of Sycorax, but an actual malicious entity of the same name! The witch, who manifested out of an old tome that Prospero was holding, made clear her desire to murder the audience, but thankfully several supernaturally-inclined audience members jumped quickly into action.

Some quick-thinking mage in the balcony thought to target the book with a fire spell, which momentarily stunned the spirit. However, this victory was short-lived, as Sycorax possessed the ability to jump into the bodies of others. Danielle, meanwhile, made an exit to allow the audience to escape (I didn’t see exactly how she did it, but apparently your student possesses an alarming degree of physical strength).

Several audience members rushed the stage, including a pair of Wardens who were in attendance. Some of these individuals engaged in combat with Sycorax, while others attacked Prospero, who was still chanting the spell that started the catastrophe. Even I entered the fray – you know I’m not much of a fighter, but I did manage to incapacitate Prospero before someone could do him any real harm.

Unfortunately, one of the Wardens saw this as an opportunity to execute Prospero on the spot; I made an appeal for reason, which gave Prospero enough time to explain himself. His intention was never to summon Sycorax – that was merely an unfortunate (and unforeseen) side effect of the spell. His goal truly was to relinquish his power, which he felt was making him prone to increasingly violent outbursts.

Prospero needed to complete the ritual in order to thwart Sycorax, and after helping him to his feet, he was able to do so. Sycorax was trapped in a shard of ruby, and her loathsome influence over the others on stage was broken. This was not without a great cost, however; completing the ritual took all of Prospero’s energy, and he passed away shortly thereafter.

Uncle, believe me when I say I am truly sorry that events turned out as they did. By all appearances, what occurred tonight at the theater was a tragic accident, and I believe that your old friend had no malicious intent. I know it is not much consolation, but at least Sycorax was thwarted without seriously harming anyone else in the theater; in fact, Prospero likely saved many lives in the end by sacrificing himself.

There is one thing that bothers me, though – Prospero mentioned shortly before the end that he thought someone had disturbed his summoning circle. I’ve also been seeing a lot of familiar faces as of late: the two young ladies from the attack at my funeral home were there as part of the cast and crew, and the young man who was investigating one of my cadavers was also present. I’m not sure what this all means, but admittedly it does make me a bit nervous.

In any case, I will be in contact with you regarding funeral arrangements for Prospero. I’ll cover any costs – it’s the least I could do, given the circumstances.

Your nephew,


Episode 1: Evil Acts: Ashlynn's Notes on a Playbill

On the back of an old playbill:

I need to write this down now so I won’t forget anything. Lily will want to know this shit. I’m sooo glad there was a pen in Prospero’s briefcase.

We had reached the end of the play, and Prospero was giving his final speech, though it was more like he was reciting a spell. There was a weird, electric-y feeling in the air, like power was gathering. Prospero broke his staff over his knee, and everything went crazy. He had this black book with him – a copy of Shakespeare’s Tempest – and this spirit burst out of it. She was an ugly, old woman with a big nose and pimples, and she was dressed in rags. She said that her name was Sickoracks or something.

The rest is kind of a blur. These strange guys in suits ran up to the stage, and this horse (??) appeared from nowhere, and Jo ran in front of me and pushed me aside. All I could think was that I had to get out of there and find the book that Prospero was keeping in his dressing-room. When I checked it out earlier, it felt . . . right somehow, and I’m sure it was what he promised Lily. That woman who was asking Jo all those questions said it was a Midsummer Night’s Dream, so it has got to be ours.

Anyway, I ran backstage to his dressing room and picked the lock, and I managed to find the briefcase with the book again. It was hidden under his bed, which I’m sure is some sort of gross casting-couch. Luckily, there was a window in the room, so I didn’t have to go through the shitstorm in the theatre again.

I felt kind of bad about leaving Jo, but she’s the Summer Knight. It’s her whole job to fight the bad guys. And I think she’ll understand when she hears what I did.

I’ve been hiding behind the theatre forevs. I picked the lock on the briefcase to make sure I had the right book, and then found a dark corner where I wouldn’t be noticed. I sent a pixie to tell Lily I had the book, but they’re such dumb-asses and it’s probably gotten lost. I guess I should wait and see whether Jo survived before I get out of here.

Episode 1: Evil Acts: From Ashlynn's Tumblr

From Ashlynn’s (private) tumblr:

10am, 18 June 2012
Oh my god. Just. Lily wants to meet with me later today. She is so freaking gorgeous and perfect that I think I might cry. I just. She’s so. Ugh. Like. Ohmygooooooooooood.

10.05am, 18 June 2012
I wonder if I should dye my hair green. I think I’d look cute.

10.15am, 18 June 2012

11am, 18 June 2012
So, Jo’s here.

I like to think of her as the ugly girlfriend I keep around to make me look hotter.

11.30am, 18 June 2012
Oh my god, guys, Lily wants me to be Ariel in this big production of the Tempest that some old wizard is putting together. Apparently, the last Ariel died or something, and he needs someone from the Summer Court to take her place. Time to practice!

11.35am, 18 June 2012

This Ariel is so perfect.

11.40am, 18 June 2012


11.45 am, 18 June 2012

I’ve just realized that I look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

11.50 am, 18 June 2012
Ugh, tumblr, why can’t I stay awaaaaaay from you?

12.30pm, 18 June 2012
What the hell? I went over to say hi to the women sharing my dressing room, and they were total bitches to me. It was so ridic. I’m Sidhe, you’re a minor practitioner, know your place already.

One of them even wanted to start a fight with me, like it was the Jerry Springer show and I’d slept with her man. She started to take off her earrings, and I was like . . . You don’t want to start this, bitch, because I will finish it! Luckily for her, Jo broke it up before I could kick her ass (which was HUGE, by the way).

12.45pm, 18 June 2012
God, why is everyone such a bitch today? I asked Jo for a green tea – which is totes her job here, BY THE WAY – and she wouldn’t get me one. >_<

1.30pm, 18 June 2012
Time to get my Ariel on at dress rehearsal!

Episode One: Evil Acts! (Raw Note Dump)

The Ohio Theatre: local theatre legend has announced that he will have his last production tonight, one time only. He has set up his production for a single showing. Fellow who has got a great deal of renown and toured internationally. Not known by given name, but by the name that he feels fits him: Prospero. He has announced that final show will be his swan-song, his attempt to go out on top.

Summer Court: Ashlynn and Jo.

We have been called to show up at Café Kerouak. Short guy in casual vest. Not sure where summons came from. Go to upstairs which is neutral, accorded territory. Some minor practitioners in back of room. Pappy is at bar in human form. Nobody else is present yet. As we look around, feel a warm breeze from the entrance. See an amazingly beautiful young woman with green hair, flowing in silken waves to middle of the back. Recognise as Lily. Gesture at nearby table and have a seat. Jo stands, but I sit. I smile back at her, because I have a total crush at her. Asks for her favour. Production in town. Person calling in a certain debt from summer court. Sylph by name of Ariel, who died this morning. Stage light fell on her, but unlikely. Going to give artifact for services; gone for 300 years. Ashlynn will take part of Ariel. Certain person of certain level of power associated with summer court. Jo – another accident, left assistant director out of commission. Normally have a series of responsibilities, but Prospero is very much a control freak. Prospero is planning something big. Contract with theatre outlining roles and indicating dress rehearsal is later tonight.


Anthropology Office. Danielle and the Professor finishing up meeting where presenting rough draft of prospectus, and not going very well. As beginning to despair, encourages her by offering entertainment tonight. Says that needs more to do! Nephew has family engagement, and wants her to cover his back. Frank comes into office. Introduces to Danielle. Says that calls for similar purpose: parents had to pick up fresh corpse at Ohio Theatre. Given some specific, under-the-table instructions about how to care for corpse; body of fairy origin. Prospero: one-time show; friend of Professor. Cracks beginning to show, nothing on which he can put finger. Nothing he could pick out. He’s become more and more rash over the years. Rashness: quality that stands out for wizards; make their profession on being calm and prepared for problems. Reports of crazy accidents happening. Uncommon experiences, dark magic. Prospero says that he has something prepared for it. Worried that it might be a result of what Prospero is doing. Given a few passes to dress rehearsal and single performance. Passing on passes to them. Worst case scenario: mortician at hand! Frank reassures that quite the gentleman. Danielle has to grade undergrad essays for Saturday night.

Richard’s Shitty Apartment

Rotary, landline phone rings. Richard picks up phone. Hears message: “The sea is misty and salty.” Richard hangs up on them. Phone starts ringing again. Damnit, warden, don’t you have the pass-phrase book? Answer: I collect sea shells by the sea shore. Expired password. At war, so vital keep security measures close at hand. Recognise voice of Warden Lucio, commander of wardens. Got report of something coming up in town. Performance by Prospero. Prospero is White Council, with some pull in it. Word that he is performing some sort of extended ritual. Question marks around him. Need to keep eye to make sure that does not flaut seven years. Tickets at Will Call: invited to dress rehearsal as well as performance.

Gwen – friend of the shop has given you tickets, and has told you something on the downlow. She said that you’ll really like it, because he’s secretive about it . . . but Tempest based on foul copy, copy that thought to be lost forever. Sounds intriguing.

Archie – acquired special passes. Some rich trainers who are crooked are going to the event, and finagle way into dress rehearsal.

Gwen: researching foul copy. Copy supposedly found in 17th century, but shortly afterwards disappeared. Large scholarly debate about whether they existed, or whether it was a false boast. Furthermore, stumble onto rumours about foul papers being tied to arcane things; scholars believe that misinterpretations of obvious references to classical and fairytale elements.
Ashlynn: rehearses in dressing room. Done average. Got some of the lines down, but reading at end of lines rather than sentences.

Frank: make sure that tux is clean and pressed.

Archie: going to rent tux. Blue with ruffles.

Richard: prepares dagger and veil.

Danielle: grades papers.

Ashlynn and Jo: shared by the chorus. Comprises three members: Ceres, Io and Juno. Recognise them as women who have shown up at Café Kerouac. In the know. Probably minor practitioners. Bitchiness breaks out. Earrings are removed. Jo breaks it up.

Hear, loud roaring voice. Jo, where is that Jo? I say, girl, come here. Such a young, beautiful woman. You must be my assistant director. You must help us make magic. The magic of theatre. Prospero requires soy latte. Ashlynn asks for green tea, but is rejected!

Arrivals: Frank picks up Danielle from graduate hovel in ‘cuda. No idea that Weresasquatch. Assume that totally, totally normal. Giving to valet to park, and offering $50. Valet will totes take care of it. He is sincere too. Jerks off into the distance, because not used to stick.
Danielle: wearing interview suit.

Archie is hoofin’ it. Walking down High St. Good will tux and wearing black slip-on shoes. Threadbare and food stains and doesn’t fit well. Stroll up to front of theatre, present ticket to Will Call. Woman reads over ticket thoroughly, reads over, and allows in . . . with a sigh.
Gwen: driving self in old 50’s-60’s car; parks in cheap garage; wearing classy black dress and jewelry, and carrying book in purse. Gets in without conspicuous glances.

Richard: walk from cheap apartment; wearing decent business suit; pops veil over him, becomes non-descript and unnoticeable dude; won’t pay attention. Present ticket at counter and waved through without consideration. Notice a faint bit of power at doorway.

Richard opens his Sight. See a jumbling of things. A faint, blue-ish energy developing around place where threshold would be. Almost an attempt to look like threshold, like a fake wall. See ghost images of happy people after plays; see weeping of walls from tragedy; see door knobs laughing with comedy; see walls speaking out performances. On top of it all, shakiness, as if heavy step in background.

All stroll into house, and dress rehearsal is underway. Nearing a concluding scene. Two people on stage: older man in robes; cries out: “now my charms . . . .” Turns and looks at young, red-headed girl about 17 in fairy-like costume. Asks where prompter is. Prospero gives lecture about heart and not mind.

Prospero reveals wizardry. Decided that hullabaloo that marks our career. Last huzzah in theatre, swansong before fall into pits of mediocrity. Grant friends in community a boon. Too long theatre has been place of transience. Not transients, but transience. Too many have fallen victim to supernatural events that have plagued city, Ariel and director fallen victim. Theatre: will become place of safety. SHOW MUST GO ON.

People in audience: werepeople in audience. People who are clued in. Dress rehearsal audience seems clued in.

Frank makes beeline for Prospero. Family did quite the service; sad, sad thing, but handled so well. Ask what is planning. That is a surprise. Strokes ego. Problem with those in theatre community – not protected by such thing as threshold. Constant movement – theatre: beacon, protecting threshold. Accomplishing: will take great deal of power, but has tricks up sleeve. No-one will come to harm ever again.

Caliban: overly muscled guy; flesh mottled green.

Chorus of Greek women.

Woman playing Miranda whose name is Miranda.

Gwen: noting differences between performed text and printed text.

Ashlynn: pops open door to dressing room with hairpin. Look around room: mirrors, make-up, wigs, screen to change behind, bed set up in dressing room (large four-poster bed – expensive satin sheets): eww, casting couch, notice there is a briefcase on hand. Only one lock is latched. Pop open and discover two leather bound books inside them. One is a copy of the Tempest, the other feels comfortable to hold. As start flipping through them, see weird names like Cobweb and

Coming around corner is Prospero. Jo says problem on stage. Understand quibbles, jitters. Can see have a great deal of potential, and puts arm up on wall. Jo inches hand to sword. Jo: “Oh, look, a person!” Gwen: Prospero, you’ve been using an interesting foul copy text. Prospero: Denies; saying that follows scholarship.

Ashlynn sneaks out and says: I was so inspired by your words earlier, Prospero.

Ashlynn gets all flirty and weird, looks up at him through lowered lashes and compliments him. Jo is horrified.

Archie and Frank catch up at bar. Danielle jumps in and reminds about Gwen; Archie has no idea who that is. Backstory: Meg/Danielle.

Richard investigates, arcane symbols in doorway. Cannot interpret them. Rituals can have a near infinite amount of possibilities. Positioning of rocks on stage: laid out as if arcane circle. Richard is detecting some things he does not like.

Main house doors slam open and harsh breeze blows in. Down the center aisle comes a figure dressed in a smart business suit and wearing a grey cloak. This is a Warden, who is not Richard. Calls out for Prospero.

Asks Ashlynn where he is. Communing with Muses in room. Warden asks for directions there. Ashlynn claims not to know, but Jo assists him.

Can hear heated words, and Warden storms back out. Goes, takes seat in middle of house, watches everything. Richard is trying to make way to him, and sits next to him. Looks over, considers, identifies Veil. Richard snaps fingers and drops veil. Richard gives him information. Warden says that they know he was doing something. Breaking of Rule #1. Warden is here looking for books – vault in Dublin (two texts w/ unID’d power) – Shakespearean plays. Something at hand, but can’t act until see evidence.

White Court is neutral, but meant to be sided with Red Court. Long-term war. White Court vampires: masters of emotional manipulation; view as untrustworthy outright.

Archie is going to head over and go: “Rich!” “Hey, what are you doing here?” “Play, chasing vamp types.” “Taking in scenery.” Warden: “Business.” “Doing what wardens do.” “Looking for people playing dirty pool at racetrack.” “Out of jurisdiction.” Warden: “Deal with other things. NB things.” “What are you doing?” “NB things.” Archie: “Don’t have such a long face.” “Making sure bystanders not squashed by magic.” “Little old me won’t be squashed by things.”

Jo: have to deal with Gwen. Gwen: “Very curious production. Where text from?” Ashlynn: “Prospero a genius. Came up with it himself out of his own genius.” Jo tries to demur, but Gwen is persistent.

Very angry, strikingly beautiful brunette woman comes up to Jo. Where is my Perrier? Female lead; Prospero’s daughter. Jo: What is Perrier? Prospero’s daughter throws a tantrum.

Ashlynn: asks Gwen about Peasebottom, Cobweb and Mustardseed. Finds out that Midsummer’s Night Dream. Lies about being in off-off-Broadway Play in New York. I’m very in demand.

Danielle: gets box of cold cuts from buffet.

Grip appears. Ten minutes until play.

Richard: moves central column to right in order to disrupt ritual. Cast force spell.

Archie: trying to sneak backstage. Start to sneak, and grip notices: “Hey, hey, no audience back stage.” Archie lies about being member of ca . . . crew. Dubious, because of blue tuxedo and black shoes. Archie: didn’t get memo on costume change. Recognise a few owners of horses from track. Going to sit as close to them as possible and eavesdrop.

All have remarkably good seats. Frank and Danielle in fifth row. Danielle feels an inexplicable depression.

Gwen: Front row balcony. Lore: set up like ritual, can feel energy beginning to build.
Richard: back row of ground floor.

Archie: in nose-bleeds. :(

Lights go down. Jo in wings, with clipboard and headset. Ashlynn in position in costume, applying more glitter.

Gwen: comparison. Differences: lines changed are Prospero’s towards end, where talking about giving up of power. Seem more specific. Sound more structured and rhythmic.
Performance goes well. No intermission, no abridgement. Four hour play.

As show progresses, tension in air, as energy builds. See a person pull out phone to check time, so they fizzle out and die. People getting nervous and acting odd. Person gets up, tries to open door, and finds that don’t open. Prospero becomes focussed, moves become more rhythmic and pronounced.

But this rough magic
I here abjure, and, when I have required
Some heavenly music, which even now I do,
To work mine end upon their senses that
This airy charm is for, I’ll break my staff,
Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,
And deeper than did ever plummet sound
I’ll drown my book.

Breaks staff over knee, and energy seems to burst out of it. Wardens notice that not special effects, but power going crazy. Reminds very much of death curse. Warden cries out and starts running towards front. Richard jumps up and runs with knife out. Archie is going to jump up and charge towards stage, transforming into horse in the air. Not just Prospero; out of book comes a humanoid form. Looks like an old and deformed woman with pustules on face, overextended nose, wearing rags. Jo pulls sword on side. She cries out: “Free at last, Sycorax will take back her island and her power.”

Archie: 5
Frank/Jo: 4
Danielle: 3
Ashlynn/Gwen/Richard: 2
Caliban: 1
Metzer: 0
Sycorax: 0

Initial action as charging: Sycorax gestures, and several people on stage and in wings. Act strangely: Greek chorus > jerks up and begins walking to her. Caliban > falls to ground and shakes head. Miranda > looks confused.

Archie: jump off balcony and change into horse. Shift zones. Transform in mid-air and do it in a way that does not hurt legs and positioned in stage. Audience is confused. Wearing shreds of blue tuxedo. OMG, it’s a post-modern device.

Jo: Rush across and push Ashlynn back. Successful. On hands: slimy residue. Temporary aspect of stumbled.

Frank: Run up to stage and ask what she wants. Sycorax remarks that she wants her power back and her freedom and revenge on every human left on earth. Aspect: monologuing.

Danielle: run towards the back of house so that can shift and force doors open. Break the wall in 10×10 square around the door. Shout out FIRE. Some people start to leave, but others are transfixed.

Ashlynn: runs out and goes backstage to Prospero’s dressing room.

Richard: senses intense, antagonistic power. Metzer running forward. Imbues knife with spirit, and runs onto stage. Aspect: spirit knife.

Gwen: attacks book with fire. At first seemed like going to lose it, but controlled and burned book. Sycorax cries out and seems to fade.

Caliban: stands up and starts striding towards Jo. Tries to tackle, but does not quite take her down. Has arms around waist, and head under solar plexus, but she manages to sprawl.

Metzer: pulls out tiny crystal orb and points at Prospero, and sends rush of water against him. Launches a huge amount of pressure, but Prospero manages to keep going.

Sycorax: starting to fade, but looks around desperately. Sees Miranda and fingers elongate, and she passes into Miranda’s body through ear-hole.

Archie: Hit Prospero with his hooves. Want to knock him unconscious. Hit him and he takes two physical stress.

Jo: Caliban feels fae. He is Wildfae. Drop elbow to top of his head. Knock him off enough to break his grip.

Frank: Goes over to Prospero, and begins to make very depressed. Drain will to keep on chanting. Prospero is out, but ritual is continuing.

Danielle: Heads to stage; flip switches so lights are off on stage and on at back of house.

Ashlynn: breaks into Prospero’s dressing room.
Richard inspects circle and realizes culpability. Disrupting it has spoilt Prospero’s control. Options to deal with excess energy.

Gwen: run down from balcony.

Caliban: hit with right cross. Jo manages to dodge.

Metzer: stands over Prospero’s body and draws silver shortsword.

Sycorax: Miranda stands up and wall of force forms around her. 10ft square around her. Looks pretty strong. Recognise it as spirit.

Archie: Gallop towards it, charge into it. Break through the shield; horse-sized hole in it.

Jo: Attacks back. He gains two physical stress. Looks like he’s getting hurt, and he’s shaking his head.

Frank: Ask why Metzer is killing. Warden is resolute – will not second-guess decisions. Now is perfect time to execute him. Metzer pauses and seems to consider.

Prospero: starts to wake up a little; asks to finish ritual; says more will be hurt if he does not.

Ashlynn: retrieves briefcase with book in it; climbs out of window which mysteriously is there. Prospero is a fan of natural light. Plans to contact Summer Court immediately.

Richard: Lot of energy. Equivalent of death curse of powerful wizard. Going to use thaumaturgy to ground energy.

Gwen: Ask Prospero. Becoming more and more violent, so have to give up power to keep people and theatre safe. Turn back on power forever, and will die soon. Sycorax: didn’t know that she was trapped within it. Can draw back within, redirect power and use it to strike against her. Points at moved pillar – move back into alignment. Energy has become a hum.

Caliban: Stops. Going to try and break free of control. But fails.

Sycorax: looks around her, sees potential foes all around her. Turns around and attempts to open door to NeverNever.

Metzer: pausing and looking at Prospero.

Archie: Sees NeverNever door open. Like a curtain has been drawn back in the air, and resultant portal leads out to dark, scary woods. Remind of Silver Horseshoe, and make sure that don’t freak out as horse. Manages to control self, but very disturbed. Rear and kick out at Miranda. Club her in the head, and she is taken out. Can see spirit trying to seep out again.

Jo: Hurting Caliban. One stress left.

Frank: Warden’s blade is down. Help Prospero stand. Last and most NB performance. Prospero takes moment to concentrate and begins to do end of ritual. Helping Hand. Recites the end of the epilogue. Calls out final lines of Tempest. With that, takes ruby from around neck and crushes it with hand. Power lashes out and latches around Sycorax, pulling her back into shard of amulet. Prospero coughes, looks down at shard, and then falls over dead. “I did it for the theatre.”

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