Archibald Bucephalus Maldroon




High Concept: Werehorse Unbridled

Trouble: Born to Run

Background: Stable’s Silver Horseshoe

Rising Conflict: Anything… for the Ones You Love

First Adventure: From the Horse’s Mouth

Guest Star 1: Looking a Gift Horse

Guest Star 2: A Steed in Need



- Family Stable & Racetrack in upstate NT
- Parents tried to run a clean ship
- overheard creepy, otherworldly stuff from some trainers and jockeys
- parents tried to throw one dirty trainer out…
> when Archie was playing with the silver horseshoe nailed next to stable door, a Troll busted in
> much destruction resulted; parents killed, Archie ran off with horses into woods
- Archi eventually brought in and raised by retired jockey-turned-trainer Billy “One-Arm” Sampson

Rising Conflict:

- Billy “One-Arm” consoles Archie by teaching him various “tricks” for dealing with and riding horses
- 18th B-day: Billy reveals his status as hippomancer, grants Archie the were-morph spell as gift
- Billy slain by same dirty trainer, Mr. A. V. Truseau, that sought vengeance upon his parents
> Dying in Archie’s arms, Billy reveals he meddled in dark magic to get his powers; begs forgiveness, but dies before Archie responds
- Archie chases Mr. Truseau across the country, eventually cornering him in a dark field outside Columbus and hoofing-in his head. Or so he thinks…

First Adventure: 30-1 at the Beulah Stakes

When a string of of strange disappearances and deaths (of horses and humans) hits the Beulah Racetrack in Columbus – just after the conclusion of the Rising Conflict -, Archie sets ogg to make sure Mr. Truseau’s associates are not involved. But what can he do when he discovers that Truseau is in fact still alive, and that both the Winter Court and White Court Vampires are pulling the “strings”?

Guest Stars: Meg Riordan, Frank S.

Guest Star 1: Richard Arman’s “First Posting”

Richard and his ward are passing by the racetrack when Archie cames upon the Red Court Vampire assault. Wanting info from one of the RCVs, Archie morphs into a horse and jumps in to help defeat them – but he prevents Richard from finishing them off, and carries one of them away for questioning, allowing the others to get away in the process.

Guest Star 2: [Regina’s Character]’s “The After-Party…”

Archie gets knocked down by the fleeing “Buffy-Bot”, but fails to see who (or what) it is. Hearing the injured Gwen’s cries, Archie finds her, and, morphing into a horse (in the shadows), carries her to the ER.

Archibald Bucephalus Maldroon

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