Mad Cowtown

Episode 4: Echo, Echo: The Voice over Frank's Radio

After a funeral service, Frank is driving down High St in Uncle Elliot’s ‘cuda, which is, of course, impeccably washed and waxed, and shines in the late afternoon light. Suddenly, a burst of static sounds from the radio. As it fades, Frank can hear a voice speaking, but the words are hard to follow, and are interrupted by pops and hisses.

No matter what Frank tries, he cannot turn off the radio or change the channel. Even when he turns the car off, they continue to speak. The voices seem to repeat endlessly, cycling through the same set of phrases. They sound like German to him, but he does not understand what they are saying.

Transcript: Ich ertrink . . . ich brauche . . . das schwarze wasser . . . echo, echo . . . bitte kommen . . . echo.

Translation: I drown . . . . I need . . . . the black water . . . echo, echo. . . please come. . . echo.


Actually, Frank’s family originated in Germany, so he would at least be able to recognize German if not understand it.


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