Mad Cowtown

Episode 2: link to Columbus Jobs on

Cafe Barista – Columbus, OH – Job Number 1013995

Coffeeshop Codex is a small, independent coffeeshop and bookstore located in the heart of German Village. A part-time position coffeeshop barista/bookstore clerk position is available. Duties include coffee preparation, tidying work area, handling customer transactions for coffee and books, and washing dishes. Applicant must be at least 16 years of age or older, responsible, friendly, and must possess good communication skills and an ability to multi-task well. Approximately 15-20 hrs. per week. Minimum wage. To apply contact Gwen Brooks at (614) 555-3672.

Research Assistant – Columbus, OH – Job Number 1012238

Part-time position research assistant available. Applicant must possess excellent research skills and have access to scholarly research databases. Knowledge of multiple languages preferred. Work on an as-needed basis. $10 per hour. To apply contact Gwen Brooks at (614) 555-3672.


Nice! You should post your sketch here!


Both of those sound like awesome jobs.


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