Mad Cowtown

June 27 Columbus SITREP

June 27, 2012
Richard Armon
Columbus, Ohio SITREP

RCV: There has been very little activity on this front. There is the occasional attack but there doesn’t seem to be much of an organized presence that I’ve been able to detect.

Warlocks: I have been keeping an eye on the book seller from the Prospero incident but I have not detected any law breaking as of yet.

While helping a local in the occult community find some missing persons I encountered a dairy shop named Milk Mojo that was offering addicting milkshakes. When I viewed the milkshakes with my Sight I saw faces rising out of the beverages, like souls had been blended in with the milk and ice cream. It was highly disturbing.

Before I was able to investigate further we heard an assault taking place. The local I was assisting is a were-horse, he changed into his bestial form and allowed me to ride him to the scene of the assault. We discovered several undergraduates, a graduate student, a changling of the Summer Court, and the Summer Knight being assaulted by what appeared to be magical constructs formed out of milk. Likely these creatures are tied together with the Milk Mojo shop.

The local I had been assisting, Archibald, while awkward to hold a conversation with, proved able in battle. While assisting the changling and the Summer Knight against the milk constructs the battle was joined by both the book seller I have been watching and a White Court Vampire who was also present at the Prospero incident. Additionally, the graduate student appears to be some sort of shape changer, though I am not sure exactly what she changed into. It appeared to be a giant, upright white ape. Between us we were able to easily dispatch the milk constructs before they were able to cause any harm.

The presence of the sorceress at both the play and this incident cannot be ignored considering outlawed magics have happened at both events. Both times she appeared to fight against the evil wrecking havoc but that could merely be her attempting to cover her tracks after having a Warden appear. I shall redouble my efforts and keep her under surveillance.


Haha. This is so awesome. I love your intense suspicion of poor Gwen.

June 27 Columbus SITREP

Indeed. Good stuff.

June 27 Columbus SITREP

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