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Frank's Funeral Home

Located on High Street, not too far from the OSU campus, Frank’s funeral parlor is situated in a remodeled 1908 Queen-Anne Style home.

Frank f1

The ground floor contains most of the rooms open to the general public, including the chapel, receiving parlor, and conference room. A modern elevator (installed in 1980 during extensive renovations) facilitates the transportation of decedents to and from the basement workrooms, and a detached garage holds the funeral home’s sole hearse, Frank’s 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, and an oven and cremulator for crematory services.

Frank f2

Frank’s private apartment comprises the entire second floor of the house, and is accessible either via a door at the top of the stairs (kept locked most of the time) or by way of the elevator (which requires a key to visit this floor). Sporting two bedrooms and two full baths, Frank’s inner sanctum is a modest, but comfortable, place to unwind after a long day of undertaking.

Frank fb

The basement is, as they say, where “the magic” happens. Only two rooms – the casket showroom and the sales office – are open to the general public. The other areas include various storage spaces, the furnace room, and, of course, the mortuary itself.


That is really cool. We’ll have to have an adventure set in your funeral home. :D

Frank's Funeral Home

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