Mad Cowtown

Episode 4: Meg's Journal

Sent on a call out to Glen Echo Park to check out a body at the falls. Suicides are never good calls, even when you get there in time. On the way, there was a… thing. It’s not that I’m bothered that stuff like this exists (what’s the point in being bothered? it will go on existing), it’s mostly that I wish there were a manual. How many kinds of crazy are out there? What things merit helping, and what ones don’t (hell, if I refused to treat bad people, I’d spend my whole shift on coffee break)? How do you treat bodies that aren’t made of flesh and bone?

This thing wasn’t. Goo, more like. And kind of glowy. And then it lunged at me. One of these days I need to take up kickboxing.

Of course, the paramedics ran, and took the ambulance. I don’t really blame them, fight or flight and all that.

And then these people show up. Don’t get me wrong—I’m grateful. I’m plenty grateful. But again, a manual would be helpful. I’d met a few of them before. Mysterious guy. Sasquatch girl. ER patient who sent me after Sasquatch girl. One girl tried (and failed) to knock me out of harm’s way. Which would have been fine, apart from the fact that I didn’t want to be out of the way. Of course, in the end, it might have been just as well if she’d succeeded— I was useless. Note to self: defibrillators don’t work against goo-men.

Once the angry got knocked out of Goo Man, I tried to help him, but what can I do with goo? Pretty sure I’m entirely unequipped to handle this new side of the world, but how do you come face to face with reality and walk away from it? Some frat boy said an awkward prayer and Goo Man seemed to dissolve peacefully. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of death. Only a few are what I’d call “good,” but some are better than others. At the end, this was a decently good death. Or dissolution. Or whatever.

Anyway, I continued to the body (some of the Justice League followed me, for which I was, frankly, grateful). Based on the scene and head trauma, he did look like a recent jumper, but the flesh was decaying rapidly in front of us (and not even regular decay; we’re talking long-dead-but-weirdly-preserved Bog Man decay). And then Mysterious guy said he could see the dead guy’s spirit jumping into the water and sinking. Like, right then. After the body had been dead for a while already. I can’t make sense of it, but there’s obviously a lot I don’t know about the world.

I did my little bureaucratic dance and made it all slide under the hospital radar. And tomorrow I’m meeting with the Justice League again to continue investigating this death. Is your patient still your patient when he’s dead?


Frat boy? o.0

Episode 4: Meg's Journal

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