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Episode 2: Vitamin D for Death: From Ashlynn's Tumblr

Excerpts From Ashlynn’s (private) tumblr:

10.15pm, 19 June 2012
I don’t get Lily. I risk my butt to get her stupid book, and, instead of being grateful, she gives me a lecture about how I didn’t show enough restraint or something. Of course, she tells Jo how wonderful she is. Even though Jo didn’t do anything to get the book AND almost blew our cover with how bad she is at acting. So amazeballs, right?

Bleh. Why does she have to be so hot? Why do I always fall for assholes? What is wrong with me?

10.20pm, 19 June 2012

OMG. He is so perfect. I want to have his freakish, monster babies.

8.30pm, 25 June 2012
I found this weird flier in my mailbox today. It’s advertising this support group for Otherkin. I know everyone thinks they’re totes crazy, but they’d think the same about me if I ever told them what I was. So, it sounds fly and I’m going to be there. It would be awesome to talk to people about what I’m going through at the moment, and it’s not like anyone at the Summer Court understands me. (No emo.)

I’m not dumb, though. I’m not going to tell them what I really am. I’m going to pretend that I’m like half-kitsune, because I think they’re tottemo kawaii. (That’s Japanese for really cute, for those of who you don’t know.)

8.46pm, 25 June 2012

So kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii.

I wish I really was half-kitsune. It would be so much more awesome than being half-Sidhe.

5pm, 26 June 2012

Guess what… I’m giving Jo a complete makeover! She insisted on coming out with me tonight, and I am not letting her make me look bad in front of college students. I don’t want them thinking I hang out with hicks.

So, she’s getting her hair dyed, her eyebrows plucked, her make-up done, and she is going to look hot as shit when I am finished with her

6pm, 26 June 2012

Jo didn’t want me to take a picture, but I did so anyway. The light’s kind of bad and you can’t see how red her hair is (so red), but she almost looks cute here. It’s like a complete change of external personality or something.


I love that you found a picture for Jo’s makeover—it works well!


Lol “I want to have his freakish, monster babies.”

Dig the post makeover pic of Jo.


Your fox-lady has butt stubble.


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