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Coffeeshop codex

Coffee Shop Codex

The Coffee Shop Codex is located in German Village on 631 S. 3rd Street. The first and second floors of the building are taken up by the coffee shop and bookstore, while the third floor has been converted into a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment inhabited by Gwen Brooks. She also maintains a rooftop garden where she grows vegetables and various herbs.

Gwen decided to deal with the technological limitations caused by magical interference by cultivating an early 20th century aesthetic. The cash register is a restored 1904 antique National Cash Register from the Vintage Cash Register and Scale Company; only cash or check are accepted. The store is lit by gas lights (books are kept at least five feet away at all times to comply with building codes). The furnace, stove in the coffee shop, and the oven in Gwen’s third floor apartment are fueled by energy-efficient wood pellets. As all coffee must be ground in antique coffee grinders by hand and the water and milk boiled on a stove, the Coffee Shop Codex is not the place to run in for a quick cup of joe. Instead, Gwen encourages her customers to relax and enjoy their coffee or tea at one of the many cafe tables or whilst perusing the shelves of books. She also sells a variety of baked goods and lunch items (such as quiche, sandwiches, and fruit) and supports the locally grown, slow-food movement.


Totes awesome.

Coffee Shop Codex

That is beyond awesome.

P.S. What have I wrought? Everyone is saying totes now.

Coffee Shop Codex

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